It’s that time of year again. Christmas is over and now it’s time to put away all of the holiday decorations, including your Christmas tree. You might be dreading packing away your Christmas tree and be tempted to leave it up until February. Depending on the tree, disassembling your artificial Christmas tree should be an easy feat. The real question is, where should you store it once it’s disassembled? 

Remove All Ornaments

If you want all your ornaments to remain intact, be sure to put them away and store them properly before you start to disassemble your tree. Wrap any delicate Christmas ornaments in a towel or use napkins and a shoebox for safekeeping. 

Remove the Lights

If your Christmas tree is not prelit – make sure you detangle any string lights and remove them. Unplug and stretch out each strand to make sure the wires are straight. You can then start wrapping the lights around a napkin tube or empty Christmas wrapping paper roll. This is a great way to keep them from getting damaged or tangled. 

If your tree is prelit, this is the time to check for any burned out bulbs. Start at the top of the tree and make your way down to the bottom. Carefully remove the burned-out bulbs. You can replace them now, or at the beginning of the next holiday season. 

Disassemble Your Tree

Now is the time to disassemble your tree. Many artificial Christmas trees will be easy to take apart as they only come in 2-3 pieces. Take out the sections starting from the top and place them on the ground one by one. If your tree is lit with removable plugs, make sure to find the plugs and remove them first before removing the tree sections. 

Once your sections are on the floor, you can now compact the branches together. Be careful of the lights and cords and don’t force sections to bend the wrong way. 

Store the Tree

Some trees will arrive in a box or a storage bag. The original packaging could be used for storage but cardboard could be inviting to mold or mice. It’s better to store your tree in a canvas bag or large storage container. 

Keep your tree somewhere dry and clean. Try to place it in an area where it won’t get knocked over and can be placed horizontally out of the way. 

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