The idea of another Christmas is always thrilling, no matter the year. You are probably already thinking about your favorite lady this Christmas and how much you need them to know that you appreciate them. They deserve a whole lot, but you don’t know what to give them this Christmas? No worries. A gift basket wrapped up in love will go a long way in expressing your intentions. Here are a few things you can put in that basket. 

1. A box of chocolates:

      You want to add this to your basket. What is a gift basket without a box of chocolates? You could even stick a short note to the box, ‘You’re as sweet as these chocolates!’ for instance. Be sure to note their preferences, though, and get them exactly what they’d love. 

2. A perfume 

       You know this person, so get their favorite brand of perfume and add it to your gift basket. It’s handy and classy. Get that particular perfume spray she loves to wear.

3. Convenient kitchen appliances 

     Does she love to cook? You can get her a convenient kitchen appliance. A toaster is great, juicer, a small blender, something minimal but extremely useful in the kitchen. She is sure to remember you anytime she gets to use it. 

4. Stuffed bear

       A stuffed bear is such a ‘yes’ for your gift basket. Get her an adorable stuffed bear. Of course, it should be in her favorite color. 

5. A wristwatch

      A box of wristwatch would sit well in that basket. A note would do just fine on this box too. ‘Dear future CEO, be time conscious,’ something like this is sure to crack them up. It inevitably will not fail to remind them of your best wishes.  

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