Undoubtedly, there is no better feeling than when we wake up to a Christmas morning, welcomed with hot chocolate, turkey on the dining table, Santa by the door, and Christmas carols ringing everywhere. However, do you know that there is something that feels better than a Christmas morning? Well, I didn’t think so too until I did some research. And guess what I found that to be? Gratitude! So today, we are going to be looking at how gratitude beats our familiar feeling of every Christmas morning. 

All Year Round

Unlike Christmas, which only comes once a year in December, gratitude is a feeling that you can experience at any time of the year. You can as well experience on Christmas day, Easter, and even on New Year’s Eve. 

Making Returns

If we are, to be honest with ourselves, you’d agree with me that there are times we receive Christmas gift which deep down inside, we know that it’s not what we will need or would love to use. And what do we do at the end? Give it away to some other person that may be able to make use of the gift. However, that’s not the case with gratitude. No one can ever think of rejecting any feeling of gratitude showed towards them. No matter how small, big, or the time it comes, we always accept that warm feeling of peace and relief with open arms. 

Contentment Against Materialism 

As Christmas draws near, we naturally tend to think of what gifts we could get for ourselves, family, and friends. Thus, when we engage in Christmas shopping, our materialistic side is reborn. But, the opposite tends to be the case when gratitude comes into play. When we express or receive a feeling of gratitude, it helps us appreciate what we have and as a result, rekindles this special feeling of contentment within us. 

Tension Against Growth 

During the Christmas season, we often get too busy decorating the house, cooking, and trying to make everything look perfect, thus, tension may be created between our family members and us, especially with those that may not buy our ideas of decoration, cooking or anything else. But with gratitude, you’ll get to improve more in your family relationship, as it will help you realize how precious they are to you, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. 


Expressing a feeling of gratitude towards another by allowing them to know how much you appreciate their efforts, costs absolutely nothing. On the other hand, getting a Christmas gift actually could cost a fortune, depending on who is involved.

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