Green trees. One of the most enjoyable traditions of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. Christmas trees come in different types and color, especially if they are artificial. But even with all the choices that have been made available in recent times, many people choose to stick to green trees for Christmas.

Going green with your Christmas tree is quite easy and there are a lot of ways to go about it. You could use living potted Christmas trees, recycled cardboard or you could even purchase LED Xmas lights. If you ask me though, aiming for a living tree is the best way to go green. Apart from the sense of nature it gives, it also is eco-friendly.

Alive trees produce Oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. This fact alone is good news because it helps combat global warming. Another good news is that living trees can last for years if you know how to keep them alive.

That you need to decorate your home for Christmas with a living tree, does not mean that you have to kill a tree. Living trees are a great option, although they are usually small.

The only problem you might encounter if you ply this route is that after about ten days of being indoors, it becomes hard to keep different varieties alive, especially if they are in a heated environment. 

However, there is a simple solution to that. After about ten days, all you need to do is bring them outside to their initial temperature and they will do just fine.

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