Should You Choose a Real Christmas Tree or an Artificial Tree?

When the holiday season approaches each year, many families are asking the same question: should we have a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree in our home this year? There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and you should consider your choices before making the decision. Here are a few things that you need to know about artificial trees and real trees from a Christmas farm:

Pros and Cons of Artificial Trees

There are several advantages to an artificial tree, such as less mess to cleanup and the tree can be used over and over again each year. Some people find that artificial trees are more cost effective since the tree can be used for multiple years. Additionally, they like the benefit of having an artificial tree that is pre-lit.

But, there are also drawbacks to this type of fake Christmas tree. For example, you lose some of the Christmas ambiance because the tree doesn’t have the nice scent that is available from a real Christmas tree. Another problem lies in the broken lights and mangled branches that can occur when the tree is put into storage each year.

Pros and Cons of Real Christmas Trees

On the other hand, there are some great benefits to having a real Christmas tree during the holiday season. In fact, many people agree that the pros far outweigh the cons of a real Christmas tree, which is why they continue using a real Christmas tree each year. A real Christmas tree adds a beautiful ambiance to the room, and it adds a nice scent that can’t be replicated with an air freshener or a candle.

The environmental factors should be considered with real Christmas trees. These trees grow on Christmas farms, and they absorb CO2 from the air and also produce oxygen. Additionally, there are Christmas tree recycling programs that can be used to make sure the tree doesn’t go to waste after the holiday season is over.

Many of these farmers use sustainable farming techniques, because they recognize the value in protecting the environment and supporting the health of the farm. Trees are planted several years in advance, to ensure the right number of trees are available for sale during the Christmas season.

Another reason that people continue to use real Christmas trees is because of the tradition that the tree holds within the family. It is a fun family event to pick out the tree each year, and everyone will remember the lasting memories that are developed during this family activity.

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