For those who are ready to dig out their artificial Christmas tree, or perhaps they have purchased a new tree this year, it may seem like a daunting task when it comes time to decorate. Is there really a right or wrong way for decorating a tree? The answer is not really. You and decorate this however you want. But, you will find that there are several tips that you can use now that can make the decorating go a bit faster and be a bit easier!

Tip 1: Always start with the lights

For those who want their tree to look amazing, always start with the lights. There people who put these last. However, it will mean that in most cases, the wires for the lights are showing and that these are actually tangling with the ornaments that you have hung. 

Tip 2: Garland or tinsel needs to go after the lights

Why should you do this next? Simply because you want the ornaments that you are hanging to be seen on the tree. If you do this after hanging the ornaments, then you will find that this can obscure a lot of ornaments that are being hung.

Tip 3: Use green hooks for your ornaments

This is going to allow the hooks to blend into the tree, and it makes ornaments look as though they are hanging there on their own. It creates a more cohesive look and is just a simple thing that you can do to make a difference.

Tip 4: Heavier ornaments need to be further back on the tree limb

There is nothing worse than having an ornament fall and shatter into thousands of pieces. For those heavier ornaments that you are hanging on the tree, be sure that you are getting these back on the tree limb. The further back, the tree limb is a bit stronger and can support the weight of the ornaments.

Tip 5: Always have the tree in the place that it will stay

Don’t try to decorate this and then move the tree later. This can cause ornaments to fall and break, it can result in the tree becoming a bit messy looking and the like. Set the tree up where it will be sitting during the season and decorate it there. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you recreate your artificial Christmas tree like a pro!

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