The Christmas season fills us with joy that leads up to the day of Christmas. The question we sometimes ask ourselves is, “is Christmas day the best part of the season?” Naturally, the anticipation of any event is better than the actual ceremony. And on the day before the event, your anticipation reaches its climax. So if you ask me to choose between the two, Christmas Eve or Christmas day, my pick would be Christmas Eve. For most adults, Christmas Eve provides just the right amount of excitement, and it is an integral part of the holiday without it being the highlight of the holiday. 

Below are some of the reasons why Christmas Eve trumps Christmas day.

· It feels like Christmas without actually being Christmas

When Christmas eve comes, it already feels so much like Christmas without being Christmas. But when Christmas day comes, the season comes to an abrupt and depressing end. On Christmas eve, the festivity is very much in full swing, and you are still very much full of good cheer.

Eggnog still sounds delicious eggnog is one of the significant traditions of Christmas, and on Christmas eve down to Christmas day, drinking as many cups of eggnog is still very much reasonable. You always see it as the same thick and sweet mucus. 

· You are surrounded by your favorite people

You have loved ones all around you on Christmas eve up to the time the Christmas season reaches its peak. This reason is one of the few times of the year when you get to be in the same room with them. On Christmas day, everyone starts looking forward to leaving and returning to their lives.

· You still have a chance to admire Christmas decorations

After Christmas day, taking down Christmas decorations doesn’t feel as fun as it did when putting it up. It feels more like a chore and takes up energy. On Christmas, the decorations are still on in all their glory for your admiration.

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